Hotels in Cat ba

Hotels in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is ranked highly among those who’ve travelled every corner of Vietnam and know all the country has to offer. Make it one of your highlights as well with some great rates on our Cat Ba Island hotels and flights to Vietnam.

Cat Ba Island is an outdoor paradise that will leave even the most adventurous travellers overwhelmed with its beauty. It is the largest island in Ha Long Bay, and part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that will take your breath away. Book from our selection of Cat Ba Island accommodation and get ready for an itinerary filled with island trips, beaches, boat tours, kayak excursions, lazy days on the shore, caves and more.


Cat Ba Town is the only real urban area on the island and is rapidly changing from a seaside village into a tourist resort. Even so, the limestone peaks are a picture-worthy backdrop that hints at the fun to come. Start your adventure by visiting the local market at Cat Ba Town’s northwest edge, renting bicycles or mopeds to cruise the roads that run along the southern coast, and of course taking one or more opportunities for a massage. On the roads along the southern coast you’ll pass by quaint villages, peaceful beaches and wildlife without even leaving Cat Ba’s shores. The town itself is a popular summer getaway destination for Vietnamese, which brings in the crowds for a few months but also makes the atmosphere more festive, with plenty of karaoke and music.

Whatever the season, the natural splendour of both Cat Ba National Park – which incorporates half the island and surrounding waters – and Ha Long Bay await. Tours are available for climbers to tackle the countless rock faces and sun loungers who just want to pass the time laying static on a remote beach –you can tailor your experience on the go. For a change of pace, find your way to the Hospital Cave on Cat Ba Island, about 10km from town. Tickets can be bought across the road from the entrance and you can take in the 17-room underground facility that was in use during the American War as a secret, bomb-proof hospital.

Where to Stay on Cat Ba Island

Coming home to Cat Ba town after an amazing day in the jungle or on the bay can be a serious let down. Really, the town has no charm. Ask anyone… and it’s only going to get worse. They have big plans to develop a huge resort, casino, and golf course on the South end of the island. A real shame if you ask me.

Ideally stay on the beach, outside of town in the jungle, or onboard a boat. If you do want a truly economical choice, you can usually negotiate a double room in town for $8 with air conditioning, a sea view, and a private bathroom.

There are loads of hotels along the waterfront with little to distinguish them, though a couple have elevators if you are less mobile or are traveling with elders. A few hotels have more recently sprung up alongside streets away from the water. However, these don’t appear to be any cheaper. When looking at rooms, you may pay more for a water view. Free WiFi is standard. Avoid anywhere that tries to “include” breakfast, which costs almost nothing and is probably of questionable quality anyway. Similarly, avoid anywhere that prices in dollars; ask for the price in dong. Decent conversion (December 2015) is 22,500 dong to a quoted dollar rate. In off season, everywhere is empty so will compete heavily on price; a huge room for two cost 125,000 ($6) on the water (February 2012). In the off season do not pay more than $10 for a room. Prices now start at $8, with the majority of hotels offering $10 for an AC room double occupancy. Some hotels have non-AC room available for slightly less. (September 2014)



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