Cát Bà Emerald Beach

Can you think of anything sweeter than waking up next to the pounding surf, breathing in that ocean air, and feeling that unparalleled connection with nature ? Make your next beach camping trip a roaring success with The Cat Ba emerald, the secret and unique beach at Cat Ba Island.

The secret of it show on the few people know it and the empty beach all the time – soft sand beaches, limitless skies, and a suite of dining options and beach activities. Guests can look forward to personalized, intuitive service during their stay, how to get to cat ba island from Hanoi ?

The Cat Ba Emerald Beach offers freedom and wild  in the midst of pristine nature. Out side of the Cat Ba town with 5 minutes access to the beach by easy way like motor bike, walking from the main road 10 minutes, the bungalow features 30 dorm beds and 7 tents features 14 people on white-sand beaches. The bungalow was designed to reflect Tonkin lifestyles and culture with bamboo and wood, from Hanoi how to get to lan ha bay ?.

Please send your booking to this email : info@goodmorningcatba.com . Then I will send you the confirmation as soon as posible




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