Tips For Solo Travelers

Tips For Solo Travelers 2023

Nowadays, traveling alone has becoming a new trend for a lot of people, especially young ages. Traveling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully. In this blog, we will show you some useful tips for a solo traveler to Cat Ba Island, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, Sapa …

Meet new friends

Traveling alone is the best way to make new friends. You can easily take part in a group of other young travelers and together having fun. And you can share the room/cabin on board with another traveler of the same sex (or not the same, your choice!), thus, you can save more money for an overnight, Lan Ha Bay cruise, Halong Bay cruise.

Solo Travelers
Tips for Solo Travelers

You can book all services like bus from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island, or Bus to Halong, Room, Motobike and you are free to explore the attractions on your own without a guide, it’s very interesting.

But if you’re a woman, just remember to protect yourself from dangers. Trust Everyone and No One, you know that simple rule, right?

Kayak for one in Lan Ha Bay ? Don’t worry it’s totally fine and there are plenty of solo riders out there paddling around the bay. You will ride in the back seat of a two seater kayak.

Types of cruises

There is a type of cruise to suite everyone’s preferences – relaxing, romantic, active, party – you name it. Normally, a solo traveler will take the lower budget cruises while couples, honeymooners, and those seeking peace and quiet will be on the more expensive and more private cruises. Do not book the wrong type of cruise if you don’t want to pay more than your budget.

What to pack ?

  • Your original passport
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Beach hat/Umbrella, Swimsuits, Bikini (a sarong is recommendable for women if you want to go up to the sundeck and sunbathe)
  • Flip flops, sandals, comfy cotton t-shirt, shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, etc. are all you need for an awesome summer. If you visit Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay, Ha Long Bay in the winter, do not forget to bring warm clothes, scarves and shoes to keep warm.
  • Other necessary things (such as: camera, Insect repellent sprays and lotions, …)

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